“Am I a storm to be quieted?”

Am I a storm to be quieted?
No, some of us need to scream.

I, I let you tape my mouth,
To prevent offense,
That came so easy with your prejudices.
Even after, I peeled it off,
For time I could not understand,
The new power I had gained.

Inch by inch,
I crawled back up to high ground
And found my voice again.
Here it echoes in the distance.
Though I wish you’d hear it,
It makes me content
That I’m doing something
You’d never understand.

(unpublished archive June 2015)


“Standing in the Square”

I see a body coming;
I’m quick to step aside,
As if it’s on a path,
More sensible than mine.

I’m flooded by bold ideas;
Diluted are they with time.
It’s no surprise to hear then,
That someone stole my rhyme.

But to me this body’s given,
To stand firm against the ocean,
And it’s presence to be noted,
As I step among the world.

But to me this brain is dealt,
To be shameless, to be open,
And to have its substance worth,
Every last misspoken word.

And so I stand still,
In the middle of the square,
And let others be the ones to step aside.
There I take in the city air,
And let myself be change, not changed.