Non-Poetic Rant from the Armchair: “Not Saving the World”

It’s hard for me to figure out what I want to do with my life because
I want to participate in normality
And that tends to encompass the majority of things
I don’t want to fight for:
Grades and jobs that entail
Bending over backwards to show people my worth.
I don’t want to be under-worked and underpaid and underestimated because of my age.
I want to be respected as a human, with ideas.
That seems like decades from now, possibly.
But what ridiculous thing can I do if I choose to run against the system?
It all amounts to shame.

What if I don’t want to solve the world’s problems?
What if I just want to be, because everything is essentially meaningless anyway,
Except for the joy of people, and even that’s temporary to their existence.
Saving the world is such a reckless idea.
Who said the world needs to be saved?
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Poetic Rant on the Grass: “Introducing Me”

I’m the kind of hippie
That drinks red wine
While staring at the city
And goes to the park to write.
Then I come indoors,
Put on my black slacks,
And everyone thinks seriousness
Is the only thing I got going on.
Like, when will you take a joke?
Well your joke is just not funny.
See Plato’s jokes are funny,
Yours seem to be a product of insecurity.
Then I get awfully bored with acting proper
Because around me the people start taking it seriously.
That ends up being funny to me,
And I decide that I must have an attitude problem.
I can’t be the only one thinking that most of college,
Especially classes, is lame.
And then I get into this deep rejection
Of what society deems is useful.
As many have said before me,
it’s a pile of dusty books,
While the world is actually around me,
But I guess civil society has an arbitrary cost of getting in.

You know it’s hard to reconcile;
And I thought I would go crazy
Until I re-read Emerson and
He told me to be myself even if that means being crazy,
Then Socrates let himself die over the exact same thing.

How to be good, I guess is the question?
That ridiculously dusty religious question,
That everyone talks about, but no one thinks.
For me, I don’t care about being good yet,
Because I’m not yet convinced it’s worth it.
I’m not planning on going to heaven,
And I hate injustice,
In the form of people taking advantage of the just.

At this point I think I should have taken a blanket to sit on,
As I’m pretty sure there’ll be dirt on my pants,
Which is hard to explain to a college population that
Doesn’t even go out,
(Unless in groups of 4-10).

Education in the city,
But it feels like there’s nowhere to go
Except for the small facets of nature,
Oases from working the tiresomeness of cultural life.
Although taking my journal with me might not be just that.
I write from my soul
(though there’s no such thing of course)
But my theoretical soul is a jumble of things
Because I too, like everyone else,
Have little idea who I am or where I am,
And certainly no idea of where I’m going,
It just bothers me how it’s hard to find some privacy for my ideas here.

My Dear Fellow Politics-Hating Young Adult

I recently met someone and told him I just started studying political science. His friendly response was “I hate politics.” As I replied to him, I realized it mustn’t only be for his ears.

My dear fellow young adult,
You may speak of corruption, of selfish politicians, of problematic interest groups, and of meaningless elections, which are all valid issues, no doubt, but are going nowhere with your hate and indifference.

Selfish politicians? You’d rather have people who put the community before themselves? That’s wonderful, you idealist, but do you put the community before yourself? Are you willing to ignore your personal interests? I don’t know you, but judging by the age, I assume you spend a considerable portion of your free time playing video games, smart-phoning, surfing the web, celebrity gossiping, or being un-apologetically useless, while thousands of charities and volunteer organizations and multiple local and national causes are begging for your help. It’s a free country; use your time how you want to, but consider the hypocrisy. You’re doing what’s in your immediate interest. You go to your job for money, not to be noble. Don’t want career politicians? Educate yourself and run for office. What? You’re not willing to work that job? Well somebody’s gotta do it. Somebody’s gotta run this government. You don’t want to witness The Purge right?

It also must seem like a good idea to skip elections. But this can’t count as your boycott. When the colonists boycotted British goods, they didn’t have the option of election, and they stated their reasons loudly. Instead, you assume a passive state, hiding in your comforts, so much that you’ve convinced the entire rest of the population that you don’t give a care about what happens in your country. You refuse to coherently speak out. How do you expect to be heard? You haven’t even done the basics expected of you in a functional democracy: the voting, contacting the representative. If that is such a trouble, at least you could discuss on social media or write a blog. Not even that. How can you complain about it if you’re not doing your share to fix it?

Hypocrisy, my friend, is your enemy. And you’re going to have to deal with politics, whether you choose to or not.