“How Can I Sleep”

As I’m lying in the final moments of the day,
I can’t help but feeling,
There’s something left undone,
Something left unsaid,
Something I should have begun.
In my once again repeating discontent,
I make a vow to never feel like this again.

But I’ve sung, I’ve danced, and I’ve laughed,
Been home with a cup of coffee in hand,
And out in a cheerful society,
And still I say “it’s not enough”?
Even if I were in love,
Time would pass,
And I’d still go to bed,
With this bleak view inside my head.

How can I sleep,
When the whole world’s not sleeping?
See how much I’ll miss,
Talks, and thoughts, and colors,
While I simply go on flipping?

I stay awake in want of so much more,
To absorb every single color and every single creature,
Every challenging thought from every willing teacher.
To be out there,

How can I sleep, when all I want to do is live?


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