“A Faint Scent of Perfume…”

A faint scent of perfume,
A tiny glimpse of sun,
A joyful quiet whisper,
A single drop of rum.

The sight of you,
Though not enough to shake me,
Brings out a rich forgotten storybook,
Of sweetness, people, and of dreams.
It calls for me to place you in it,
Although it’s bursting at the seams.

Don’t know if it can be love,
But I hardly mind.
Your presence is an inspiration,
To welcome what I thought it best to leave behind.
Unlike old times of scars,
‘Tis now a pleasure to break,
If I should break at all.
Now, this warm wind I feel,
Is enough to soften much a fall.

‘Tis a pleasure to be captured,
As if dreaming of a valentine in the 5th grade,
And be walking home from school,
To the music of his face.
Sweet hope,
For once I am unafraid.
I have glimpsed at beauty;
It’s at more than just a well-know place.


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