Sonnet #1: “Decision”

For days and nights I contemplated
if I should say “Goodbye,”
And this deciding, I grew to hate it,
As every hour flew by.
If I leave now, I can’t look back,
In minutes I’ll surely be in tears.
But if I stay, the view’ll be black,
My freedom gone, replaced by fears.
My time is up; I choose to walk,
Leave a love for an unrenowned direction.
Welcome Storm, whom I won’t block,
All I offer you’s affection.
But what surprise! Today, the Sun rose bright and clear,
And here I am, still waiting for a tear.


Thanks to a class of mine, I am inspired to write in more rigid formats. Although it seems to hinder expression, it also enhances it by forcing one to use words and phrases that might have not come to mind otherwise.

One thought on “Sonnet #1: “Decision””

  1. [I can’t]

    Growing cold.
    It’s painful to see
    that this is how it unfolds.
    I’m broken. I’m shattered to pieces
    but I hope you don’t regret making this choice
    if this is where your peace is.

    I’m frozen. So is my heart and so is my soul.
    Roaming about, lost in a realm devoid of smiles I fall,
    I crawl. Rain pours. I stop for sweet recollection
    of how it used to be. I remember affection…

    …Affection in flames. Mighty fire of love. Bliss.
    But affection is dead now, affection was killed.
    Affection is gone. It’s taken away. The suffering’s real.
    Six thousand four hundred and eighty-six miles
    of torment, weakness and agony
    make you wonder why this is happening.

    Overwhelming separation. Faith got lost. Love was abandoned
    However, for the wounds of love one has no bandage.
    For getting back on my feet I don’t seem to own the strength
    because for that I must forget you. But can I? …

    …and I don’t want to.


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