A Brief Remark on Writing Poetry

      I find that the best way to write poetry is to be on the edge, to not be in the experience of peace or contentedness, but in the middle of a storm or uncomfortably hot sun. Distress is key. Only then do emotions genuinely flow, when the feeling is greater than the paper could ever wish to capture. I refuse to write in any other way, as to me, doing so would be like fabricating the joys and sorrows of life in the case of an uneventful existence. If it does not hit you like a wave, if the words are not begging you to write them, then the art, magic, and serendipity is lost. Art must be a surrender to your hidden passions, which are an extension of the the heart of the world. But one should choose which of these passions to dissipate through art, and which ones to keep to fuel his or her actual life, because what you give to the page is no longer yours. You gain your freedom yet lose your calling. Choose wisely. 



One thought on “A Brief Remark on Writing Poetry”

  1. This is exactly how I feel about writing poetry. I can’t write unless something is wrong and once I do I feel so purged. You really captured it, thanks for sharing!

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