The wind howls, but by the time I turn around,
The sun is shining through.
I walk by a colorful park often,
Then the seasons change, and everything seems blue.
I know everything about you,
Every fear and every scheme,
Then one day I wake up,
And I have no clue where you’ve been.

What’s bothersome much more,
Is it’s not some single case.
I could take the seasons, and the wind,
and maybe even your place.
But what keeps me up at night,
Is how this keeps going on,
How I’ll never know for sure,
How all I can trust is to be strong.

Why my playful world,
Do you offer me no stone,
Nothing to hold on to,
But the act of moving on?
With everything I don’t know –
What is right, what is wrong,
Is there anyone out there,
What’s my path,
Will it be fair –
Why couldn’t you have spared
Me with one less answerless question?
For my endless restlessness,
You never seem to care.

But the wind devastate the palms outside my window.
The grass in the park is so perfect that no one dares to sit.
And knowing everything about someone will bore me to tears.
Just as I’d suspected all along,
The fatal flaw in the system,
Is perhaps its greatest song.


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