“Love Don’t Make Me Heavy”

Love don’t make me heavy,
Heavy with your pain,
Instead make yourself a summer wind
With light, with a resolution plain.

Love don’t lead me into darkness;
Haunted forests are a dangerous place,
Instead take me to the edge of water,
Or a meadow far from rain.

Love don’t push me to possession,
To the slavery of fear.
Instead make me your prophet,
To spread the purity of cheer.

Love I tell you, you can take me;
Take my thoughts and take my bones.
But I tell you, you can’t make me,
Cry more tears out of hopeless wants.

Because dear drug,
You’re solely mine;
It doesn’t matter whom you say
Has caught my fanciful eye.
He might love me or might leave me,
But you love, you will always be my bride.

By Krisi

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