My Dear Fellow Politics-Hating Young Adult

I recently met someone and told him I just started studying political science. His friendly response was “I hate politics.” As I replied to him, I realized it mustn’t only be for his ears.

My dear fellow young adult,
You may speak of corruption, of selfish politicians, of problematic interest groups, and of meaningless elections, which are all valid issues, no doubt, but are going nowhere with your hate and indifference.

Selfish politicians? You’d rather have people who put the community before themselves? That’s wonderful, you idealist, but do you put the community before yourself? Are you willing to ignore your personal interests? I don’t know you, but judging by the age, I assume you spend a considerable portion of your free time playing video games, smart-phoning, surfing the web, celebrity gossiping, or being un-apologetically useless, while thousands of charities and volunteer organizations and multiple local and national causes are begging for your help. It’s a free country; use your time how you want to, but consider the hypocrisy. You’re doing what’s in your immediate interest. You go to your job for money, not to be noble. Don’t want career politicians? Educate yourself and run for office. What? You’re not willing to work that job? Well somebody’s gotta do it. Somebody’s gotta run this government. You don’t want to witness The Purge right?

It also must seem like a good idea to skip elections. But this can’t count as your boycott. When the colonists boycotted British goods, they didn’t have the option of election, and they stated their reasons loudly. Instead, you assume a passive state, hiding in your comforts, so much that you’ve convinced the entire rest of the population that you don’t give a care about what happens in your country. You refuse to coherently speak out. How do you expect to be heard? You haven’t even done the basics expected of you in a functional democracy: the voting, contacting the representative. If that is such a trouble, at least you could discuss on social media or write a blog. Not even that. How can you complain about it if you’re not doing your share to fix it?

Hypocrisy, my friend, is your enemy. And you’re going to have to deal with politics, whether you choose to or not.


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