“Rock Climber, No Rope”

Rock Climber, No Rope

By Krisi


I’m rock climbing,
Attached to a single rope.

I’m confused, the rope can only reach
so far.

But what if I, in rash

Decide to let it go?

What if I, Kristina,

a scissor and just "snap"?



Snap goes the rope,

But I don’t fall.

I have hands. I have feet.
I have will.

I am surviving. I am

I am going in any direction
I choose to go.



"One wrong step,"
I think, "who will be there to catch you?"

My rope’s no longer there.

I’ll simply start falling,

But in my fall, I’ll
encounter many things,

Some of them ropes,

And I’ll grab on,

And I’ll be fine.

And I’ll start climbing

In whichever direction I



It’s my mountain, it’s my

And I’m free to fall,
and free to climb.

It’s my fall, my climb.

My freedom:

No rope.



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