The New Global Student – By Maya Frost

This book is specifically for any students from middle school to college and their parents, who are not 100% satisfied with the status of the education system.

At first it might seem like just another piece of college advice literature, but what it truly is is an offer of a brighter view point on the mess the college process is today. Not only does it encourage to look beyond the typical straight A’s, SAT score idea, but it really opens the mind towards going back to being human – spending time becoming acquainted with oneself and indulging in culture. Although the book is directed toward parents, anyone could profit from it, taking the information about fear of letting go and thinking out of the box of standard education. The second part of the book offers a great resource for actually planning global experience, whether in high school or college.

All around, The New Global Student is a must read to truly consider your options.


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